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 Outlet is a Kuala Lumpur-based online marketplace with a vision to create an ecosystem of creatives and art enthusiasts. It was founded by two sisters (Dana and Elina) who share a mutual love for the visual arts. We go beyond just being a marketplace, as our mission is to also cultivate connections through creative collaborations. Supporting artists and sharing their stories with our audience is at the heart of the brand, and ultimately we aspire for Outlet to be a place that celebrates creativity in all its forms. 




Artist Marketplace: Explore a curated selection of original art, prints, and merchandise from a diverse range of talented artists. We are always on the lookout to bring in more artists on our platform, so if you are interested in consigning your works with us or working on a collaboration together, do not hesitate to contact us! 


Collaboration Hub: If you are an artist, maker or brand, we are always interested in fostering collaborations between you and us here at Outlet. Whether it’s in the form of creating products (e.g: art prints, apparel) or a project that could elevate your brand, we can work together to bring your ideas to life.  


Creative Consulting: Need guidance? We offer advice and consultation services, connecting you with the right artists for your projects.

Connect, collaborate and create with Outlet

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