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Ode To Nature, Volume 1

Outlet is delighted to launch our new campaign, Ode To Nature, where we will be collaborating with artists surrounding themes of nature and the environment. Alongside collaborating with the artist, we will also involve a selected NGO in hopes of spreading awareness and raising funds through each collaboration. Our first collaboration is with Malaysian artist Sherwan Rozan. The artwork featured on the tote bag is called ‘Flowers of Malaysia’ which is the artist’s ode to flowers as a celebratory expression - as decor, an act of kindness or commemoration of a life event.

Outlet will be giving 10% of the proceeds to Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur which is a registered non profit environmental civil society that gives people what they need to green our cities: free plants and the skills to nurture them. Their hands-on programmes promote climate reality and biodiversity in response to the current climate crisis and biodiversity loss, both being intrinsically linked and equally crucial for a healthy future. They also cover topics on water, waste, conduct planting and and regreening workshops and talks. Follow them for more at @freetreesociety.

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